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प्राइभेसी पोलिसी

Your personal information is confidential to Nuwakot Bulletin, and we take that responsibility very seriously. As a result, this privacy policy describes Nuwakot Bulletin’s methods and processes for collecting, storing, and using cookies as well as for collecting, storing, and using personally identifiable information (PII). It also strives to inform users about how we handle the data we receive and gather.

DEFINITIONS: Affiliates: A corporation is considered an “affiliate” if it is controlled by or shares a shared control structure with Nuwakot Bulletin. A “cookie” is a discrete piece of data that we employ to give each visitor’s computer a special, random identifying number that is stored in a specific file on their computer. Device identifiers: Strings of letters and numbers that may be used to identify specific devices are known as device identifiers. Every one of them is distinctive. Internet protocol (IP) address: A user’s computer is automatically given an IP address once they connect to the internet. Web servers use this address to determine where to transmit the data requests that the user’s machine makes. Individually identifying data (PII) Information that may be used to identify a specific individual is known as personally identifiable information, or just personal information. Name, address, phone number, email address, bank card number, and government-issued identity numbers are some of the most typical instances. Non-personally identifiable data Every type of information other than personally identifiable information is considered non-personally identifying information.

SCOPE: 2.1 Nuwakot Bulletin Nepal Pvt Ltd is the only owner, operator, and maintainer of the news website www.nuwakotbulletin.com. The Nuwakot Bulletin has been registered and granted the essential licenses by the appropriate Nepalese government authorities.


2.2 This policy is applicable to services that link to or mention nuwakotbulletin.com as well as the news website itself. This policy is also applicable to any other affiliate websites, mobile apps, digital services, websites, or other online services that connect to or make reference to it.

2.3 Any additional details concerning the privacy policies of other Nuwakot Bulletin services are likewise covered by this policy. This policy is restricted to what data we may gather about users, how we may use that data, when we may use that data to get in touch with users, what user data we may share with third parties, and how users may choose to provide us with their personal data.


2.4 Any third-party websites, apps, or hardware are exempt from this policy. The use of such services or links is the exclusive responsibility of the users.

2.5 At the appropriate locations, “services” refers to all of the services offered by this site and its affiliates. The Nuwakot Bulletin and its affiliates are referred to as “we,” “us,” and “our” throughout this text. Any person who uses or accesses the services is referred to as the user, users, or occasionally “You.”


3.1 DEEMED ACCEPTANCE Users are presumed to have accepted the terms of this privacy policy by visiting the website. Their agreement is freely offered to have a legal impact and is not taken automatically. By giving their free permission, users acknowledge that this privacy statement and other rules posted on nuwakotbulletin.com apply to their use of the services.

3.2 This privacy statement is subject to change at any time and on occasion; the most current changes will be noted here. The users must frequently review this. Users’ continued use of the services after this privacy policy has been amended signifies their acceptance of the revised terms.


3.3 Please take the time to carefully read this privacy statement and our terms of service, which set forth how customers may use our services. Do not use any services if users do not agree to be bound by all of the terms outlined below.

3.4 By using this website or the service covered by this policy, users are understood to have agreed to the policies for data collection, use, disclosure, and storage outlined in this privacy statement.


INFORMATION TO COLLECT: 4.1 In order to better serve users, Nuwakot Bulletin may gather personally identifying information from them. The information that Nuwakot Bulletin may gather is described below.

4.1.1 Personally identifying information (PII): In order to fulfill the obligations, set out in this privacy statement, related terms of service, and other published rules, Nuwakot Bulletin may request users to submit some personally identifiable information (PII). Users have the option to withhold PII when using the main service; it is not automatically collected. However, in this situation, the users might not be permitted to utilize some services.

The Nuwakot Bulletin is especially attentive to and mindful of the privacy concerns of youngsters. Aware collection of PII from or about minors under the age of 18 is not done by this company. Users are in charge of attesting that they are at least 18 years old. In the event that Nuwakot Bulletin learns it has obtained information from or about a minor in contravention of this statement, it will erase the information in accordance with the law.

Non-personally identifiable data (NPII): The following NPII may be gathered by Nuwakot Bulletin through its website or services:

Cookies: It may gather cookies and use the data to identify users’ browsers the next time they use the services. The cookie may be connected to PII that users input or other data that Nuwakot Bulletin gathers. Advertising partners who serve advertisements to users through Nuwakot Bulletin websites may also set cookies. In order to gather data on users or other computer users, these cookies enable the ad server to identify the user’s machine each time it sends them an online advertising. Ad networks can use this information, among other things, to provide tailored adverts that they think users would find most interesting. This privacy statement only applies to Nuwakot Bulletin’s use of cookies; it does not apply to the use of cookies by any advertising.


Cookies from third parties: Cookies from third parties are those that come from websites that are not the one the user is presently viewing. Log files: Nuwakot Bulletin may make use of software to gather data from log files, such as IP addresses, browser kinds, internet service providers (ISPs), referring/exit pages, platform types, date/time stamps, and the quantity of clicks. Information that is automatically collected: Nuwakot Bulletin may use automated methods to gather a variety of information about users or the devices they use to access Nuwakot Bulletin services, including the network or IP address, the type of browser, the operating system, the name of the ISP and domains used by such providers, the mobile network, device identifiers, device settings, browser settings, a user’s geographical information, the kind of mobile or handheld device they used to access the service, the web pages of the services they visited, the services they visited before and after visiting a Nuwakot Bulletin service, the services they visited before and after, and the services they clicked on or forwarded and/or accessed. GPS data: Nuwakot Bulletin may request users’ precise GPS data if they are accessing the service through a mobile device or application so that they can tailor the user experience on their services and those of their partners, such as a third-party mobile ad platform. Nuwakot Bulletin improves its services through different social media. Information obtained from social media services and other third-party platforms.

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